Friday, April 3, 2009

Hospitals, Family, Friends, & Sisters

We had a good stay at the hospital... I was blessed with great nurses who took good care of me. We were only there for 2 full days- got to come home on Sunday morning. But, while we were there we had lots of visitors and the sisters met. It was so sweet- not a dry eye in the room.

We didn't want Ruthie to come to the hospital until I was feeling well enough to be "mommy" and not be sick or in pain. I didn't want Ruthie to be scared. So we had my mom wait until after Ruthie's nap to bring her to meet Emma. Meanwhile, our pastor and his wife (who are also good friends) came to visit us and Aunt Holly - who was working- came down w/ another friend Jen to visit. So the room was full when Ruthie came in. At first she was a little taken back by all the people- even though she knew them all well. She was quiet and climbed into the bed with me. Then- when Tony brought Emma over we asked Ruthie "who is this" and she said "baby" and we said- "Yes, that is your baby sister Emma." She got a big smile on her face and kissed Emma over and over. It was so sweet. After some family pics Ruthie opened her gift from Emma and then EVERYONE had brought gifts for Ruthie- so it was almost like Christmas. Ruthie opened gifts for a long time!!

I will always remember that sweet moment when my two girls first met. We've been praying since we found out we were expecting that the Lord would develop a true love and friendship between the siblings and that moment the Lord was showing us that He indeed heard our prayer and answered with a yes!! I know they will bicker and fight and get on each other's nerves. But for now- Emma is the best thing that ever happened to Ruthie. I am so thankful!

Ruthie and Emma

Our Family of Four!

Ruthie had to name all of Emma's body parts. Here she is pictured looking for her hands!

Grandma w/ Emma

Papa B and Mama D (our pastor and his wife) with Emma

Paw-Paw and Grandma with Ruthie and Emma (and Bitty Baby)

Not the most flattering picture of me, but a cutie of my two girls!!

Another of our family

Aunt Mardi and Uncle Jack, Luke and Bailey w/ Emma

Mommy and Emma getting ready to go home

Daddy, Mommy and Emma (self portrait) before we left the hospital

Emma DID NOT like her car seat!

One of our sweet nurses. I actually remembered her from when I was in the hospital having Ruthie!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Teresa! You look so happy. Thank you for sharing.

Tennisc G said...

CONGRATS Teresa!! Emma is beautiful!! Sounds like Ruthie is a proud big sister =)

Hope you're feeling well...

Congrats again,
Gina (Adams) Reynolds

Janelle said...

and so it begins!

Sure think you are great! Have fun with those girls.

And you are right...Emma is the best thing for Ruthie! They will be friends.

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

YAY!!!!!!! I kept checking your blog lately to find out if Emma was here and just told Stephen to leave the computer on a few more minutes before we go to bed so I could do A Cup of T check. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emma is gorgeous and Ruthie looks SO happy to see her new sister - just like Matthew was when he met Joel. What a blessing it is to have two little ones - so sweet. I was going to email or call if you hadn't posted yet because I figured she was here - I will try to call soon to chat but know you will be busy. Send me a quick email to let me know a good time for you - we're 13 hours ahead. Wish I could give you all big hugs!!!!!!!!!! Many congratulations and much love from all of the Munday clan!

Alana said...

Such a sweet story about their meeting, T! I'm sure they will be great friends! I know that is a hope and prayer for my boys as well! Great pictures, too. I hope Emma gets accustomed to her car seat before too long!

Bonnie said...

SO happy for you all! Ruthie will probably never remember life without her awesome! And I am thankful God protected you for a lot of pain due to a poor spinal! Hope you are recovering well and just "chilling" seems the work quadruples with 2 kids, so let everyone help and be the queen mama bee for as long as you can! Love,