Friday, April 3, 2009

Emma Kate

Emma Kate is here!! She has graced our family and we all are in love!! :) Here's a photo gallery of our day- ONE week ago!!

The night before we went to the hospital my mom came to stay with us so she could watch Ruthie. We went to Outback to celebrate the new member of our family- which is becoming tradition since that's where we went before Ruthie was born!

We came home and still had to pack- all our laundry was done thanks to my great mother in law who did it ALL for me the day before!! And then we went to bed... not before having a snack at 11:56 (couldn't eat after midnight!) We woke up at 4:00 so we could get ready and pack the car as we had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am!!

This is me 39 weeks pregnant and the last preggo pic w/ Emma...

Tony and I before we left!

Once we got to the hospital they give you a cell phone- weird huh- and when it rings you go back to pre-op. I got my IV and answered all sorts of questions and waited a little. Once that was done they let Tony come back with me until the doctor was ready.

Once we left Pre-op, Tony went to the "dressing room" and put on the scrubs and I went to the operating room. The worst part of the whole experience was the darn spinal block. It hurts - really bad- and I'm not that much of a wimp with pain. I would do almost anything to avoid another one... although the end result is totally worth it! Once I was getting numb Tony was allowed back in the room and they started to scrub and prepare my belly...That's a lovely feeling everything hanging out for all to see... and there is like a million people in the room. We even had a student watching... It took quite a while for the doctors (Dr. Dill delivered Emma and Dr. Brown assisted) to get through the old scar tissue and get to Emma. Before they were even getting to Emma I started to feel tingly again. This meant that I was coming out of the spinal block. That was a little scary. Tony told the nurse and she gave me more meds. But, I was able to wiggle my toes during surgery... I kept thinking, HELLO!! THIS IS NOT GOOD!! But, the Lord was there and they worked fast and I felt NO PAIN!! Praise God! Soon we heard a little cry and then it got louder. That is such a big moment in life- from no children to being parents in one split second. From one child to two- in one split second. Soon we saw this:

Dr. Dill holding Emma Kate for us to see. Isn't she beautiful! It is immediate LOVE washing over my heart.

Here's a closer look w/ the baby nurse...

Emma getting weighed... she weighed 7 pounds and 1 ounce and was 20 inches long. She was born at 8:09 am on March 27, 2009.

Finally Mommy gets to hold and love her!!

After a while they took Tony and Emma to the recovery room- finished cleaning me up and stuff (whatever it is that they do...) and soon I was headed to Recovery myself. Meanwhile- Tony was holding a SCREAMING baby- I guess she wanted to eat.. and calling our parents, siblings, and pastor to tell them that we were doing well. Everyone said- Is that Emma? All Tony could do was chuckle and say- yep- she's here!!

Once I got to recovery the nurses asked if I could wiggle my toes... and I said yep- and proceded to BEND MY KNEES AND LIFT MY LEGS!! I think they were a little surprised by that!! I also remember telling Tony that I felt more pain at that moment than I did through out the entire labor and delivery of Ruthie. The nurse who was standing at my head kept telling the one at my feet... "We need to get her some more pain meds". I remember feeling like I was totally beat up- every muscle in my abdomen hurt- badly. But soon I was a happy camper with my meds and I started to nurse Emma. That is such a magical time too. She was quite- the first time since she was born!! I was only in recovery for about 30 minutes they wheeled me up to the room and I got to hold Emma the whole time. Once we got to the room the nurse took Emma to give her a bath...

When all that was done we finally got to rest... this is Emma so sweetly resting after a very traumatic morning (at least for her).

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Alana said...

I love that last pic! Great to hear your birth story. Loved it...hope all is going well!