Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ruthie is 22 Months old!!

This month Ruthie has spent it growing like a weed and talking up a storm. She is talking like a little girl... not much baby talk anymore.

Some of the things she has said:
* I do it
* I sit right there
* See-a-der (see ya later)
* I re re back (I'll be right back)

She is even recounting the Wonder Pet episodes- Here's an example of a conversation:

R: Mommy
T: what do you want love?
R: Ming Ming and Dinosaur
T: what happened with Ming Ming and the Dinosaur?
R: Stuck Rock
T: Yes, you're right. Good job. What happened next?
R: Ug, ug (making pulling and straining noises)
T: Yes, Ruthie they did try to pull him out. What happened next?
R: Slippery
T: Yes, the Mud is slippery and it got the dinosaur out didn't it!!

TO me that is amazing for a little girl who isn't even 2 yet!!

Here's some pics of my beautiful girl to enjoy!

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