Friday, July 27, 2007

Poop pryotechnics!!

My sweet Ruthie did a number yesterday and still has me cracking up about it! Ok, I'm going to post something that isn't very genteel and certainly will embarrass her when she's a teenager:

Ruthie has been blessed with very LOUD poopies and farts. I mean you can hear what she's doing for across the room. They are so funny. And, of course almost every time you change her she sends another loud load into her brand new diaper before you can get her off her changing table.

Yesterday, I was changing her at my mom's so we didn't have our normal set up. I had her on a changing pad on the table in the family room. As I was examining her bottom (I though I may have seen some diaper rash) and trying to get the new diaper on, I had her legs in the air and her bottom pointed straight out into the room.

Yes, you know what happened...

She sent another loud load into my mom's living room and it went for the distance!! It shot almost 6 feet across the room getting everything in it's path! My mom and sister in law heard it and thought something had fallen off the table. When they came out to help me we all laughed so hard that this sweet little thing can make such LOUD and forceful poos. Now she's breast feeding so it's not like it was super smelling or anything like that. But the force, noise, and distance gave her a 10 from all of her judges!!!

My brother, who was also their to witness this very special talent, started to sign the 1812 overture, you know the one with the cannon blasts. Well, in our house, instead of cannon blasts we have Ruthie blasts!!!

I have to go... Ruthie wants lunch!! :)


Janelle said...

I have been the victim of one such poopie from a friend of mine. I never knew babies could do that. How funny!

Alana said...

That's hilarious. Go Ruthie!!

Did you get my phone message?