Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Ruthie!! One Week Old!!

Wednesday was Ruthie's one week birthday!! She has already grown and changed so much just in this little week. She has had a lot of firsts... Heres a list:

* First breath
*First Cry
*First Poo
*First visitor
*First outing (to the pediatrician's office)
*First ride in her swing
*First bounce in her bouncy seat
*First night at home
*First meal
*First smile (it may be gas, but we're calling it a smile)
*First card game (well, she wasn't playing just being held by the players...she would have won though if she was playing)
*First shot (ouch!)
*First Bath (sponge bath)

Tummy time for Ruthie...she her smile? :)

Bouncy seat!! She loves it! Thanks Aunt Bev, Aunt Eileen, and Alison for this wonderful gift!!


Janelle said...

I bet you had a lot of firsts for mommy and daddy this week, too. What a sweet time. Savor every moment.

Alana said...

Happy 1 week birthday, Ruthie!

I can't believe it has been 1 week already!

She is a beauty!!!

How's Mommy?

You must be doing pretty well if you are still finding a little time to blog!

Love ya!