Friday, July 13, 2007

WEDNESDAY, July 18th

This is our new induction date!!!! It is so cool how God works, even in the little things. 18 is our special number....

My birthday is Nov. 18th, so when we were looking for dates for our wedding we knew we wanted February of 2006. We looked at all the Saturday's of that month and choose the 18th because that would be easy for Tony to remember (my birthday and our anniversary!!) NOW, our daughter will be born on the 18th TOO!!! Isn't that way too cool?

We were joking about that happening and now it has! So, keep us in your prayers. We'll keep you updated!

We're going to spend our weekend getting the final things ready...
Packing our bags
Spring cleaning the house
Putting up her drapes
Putting up valences in my dining room
Painting the rocking chair
And, my husband still needs to complete the paintings for her wall

I know I promised pictures of the nursery, and I will absolutely come through with those pictures. I am hoping to get those posted this weekend even though the finishing touches like my husband's paintings and some other wall decorations will not be up yet. You'll get the basic idea!! :)

And of course, we'll post sweet pictures of Ruthie Grace as soon as possible!!!


Alana said...

Nesting time! I'm soooo excited for you! How cool that Ruthie is going to be born on the 18th! Can't wait to see those pictures!!

Janelle said...

We found out we were pregnant with our son on August 18th and he was born on April 18th. Works for me!

Have a great last weekend before she is born. My advice would be to have one last date night before you become parents.

Kimberly said...

Teresa... I am soo excited for you! I will praying all day for you and Tony. Do you have a phone chain set up...put me on the list! I would also love to bring you a yummmy cooked dinner (not that you'll eat anything hot again... hee hee). We love you and can't wait to meet Ruthie Grace!
My a nice hot relaxing dinner.. in a restaurant...slowly...take your time stay out late... etc.