Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ruthie's First Visitors!

Ruthie had many blessings while in the hospital. We are so obviously loved and God rained his blessings upon us during Ruthie's first days. Here are some pictures, they say a picture is worth a thousand words!!!

This is Grandma. Can you tell how proud she is? :)

Here is Grandma Zeller and Grandma Fogle and Daddy!

This is her cousins Bailey and Luke!! Aunt Mardi and Uncle Jack and cousins Luke and Bailey were there to see her on her very first night!

This is our Pastor and his wife, Billy and Donna!

All of Ruthie's cousins that live in Florida came to visit her on Thursday (day 2) and her Aunt Angie and Aunt Mardi!!

Aunt Holly was actually at the hospital the day of her birth (she was working) and she was able to go to the nursery with Tony and Ruthie while I was in recovery. But, here is a picture of Aunt Holly with Ruthie the next day!

Mommy, Daddy, and Ruthie

Aunt Rachel and Uncle Matt came all the way from Maryland to visit their first niece!

This is her Paw-Paw (Grandpa Zeller). He calls her his candy bar (after the candy Baby Ruth).

This our family in the hospital as we were about to leave to take Ruthie home!!! (Saturday, July 21)

Here is Ruthie in her car seat for the first time!! We are going HOME!!!


dawn.harp said...

Ruthie Grace is BEAUTIFUL and looks so perfect. God is so amazing!

Alana said...

LOVE all those pictures. There's one missing, though. I wish I could be there to hold that sweet baby!!!