Thursday, July 5, 2007

37 Weeks! and 2 days...

Today was the day...I was going to hear GOOD NEWS from my doctor!!! I just knew it. Yesterday, July 4th, during the Transformers movie I had 4 strong contractions about 1/2 hour apart!! I thought, "There must be something going on down there!". But when I saw the doctor, my dreams of good news came crashing to a halt and it was the same old story once again!

Apparently, I have the cervix of steel and it isn't budging. So, we're still on for an induction on July 24th, we're still on for a 10 pound baby, and now instead of going to the doctor's once a week, I will be going twice a week. They really love me there and can't get enough of my humor!!

So, Monday and Thursdays are my doctor days for the next few weeks. Thursday will be another sonogram (which my mom will finally get to attend!!!) and we'll have another update on size. Until then, we're walking as much as possible. The mall is great for that in the summer heat. Below is what Baby Center says about development at 37 weeks!!:

"Congratulations! Your baby is full-term! This means that if your baby arrives now, his lungs should be fully mature and ready to adjust to life outside the womb, even though your due date is still three weeks away. He weighs a little over 6 pounds and measures between 19 and 20 inches. Many babies have a full head of hair at birth, with locks from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches long."

Don't you love how they say a little over 6 pounds (well a week ago Ruthie weighed 7.2 pounds, so I guess we've blown there info!!

Keep checking back for more updates on the cervix of steel!!

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Alana said...

T, I feel for you. I had the same problem with Will. I stayed at 3 cm for weeks and he was a week overdue. He was a stubborn little booger. Things can change very quickly, though, you just never know!

I am so excited for you!!!