Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, Tony!!

Today is my husband's birthday and we celebrated with dinner! My mom made "fried Steak" at his request. Apparently, his grandmother used to make it and he loved her fried steak. I had no idea how to make this meal, so I asked my mom to help!!

I can tell you it made me very happy when he walked in the door and said it smelled just like his grandmother's house when she'd been making fried steak! And, he even said it tasted just like hers. So, I think his birthday dinner was a success!! :)

This is Tony with his birthday "cake". He's not a big sweet eater, so I look for creative ways to serve him birthday cake he'll actually enjoy. It is a lemon and blueberry trifle. It is very light and airy... I think he liked it!!


Alana said...

You guys look so cute! Happy Birthday, Tony!!

Abigail Munday said...

So how do you make fried steak? I don't think I've ever had it.

Oh my word, that trifle looks yummy! I definitely want the recipe for that! You could always blog the recipes...

Happy Birthday, Tony!