Friday, June 29, 2007

She's still a GIRL!!!

That's the good news. All the pink does not have to be replaced with blue. PRAISE the LORD for that. (I think He knew that would send me over the edge!) More good news and Praises to our Father is that she passed her bio-physical with flying colors! The sonographer said that she is developing perfectly! She even saw her diaphragm moving up and down and that means she's practicing breathing for her grand entrance into our world.

The not so good news is that she already weighs 7.2 pounds and they set my induction for July 24th- my due date. I was so hoping that they would induce me a week or two early so that I could have a some-what-smaller baby. But, it looks as though they've doomed me to a 10 pounder!

All is not lost, however, if I start to dilate (which at this point I haven't) then they could move the induction date forward. So please join me in praying...

Keep checking back to see more news of Ruthie's grand event!!

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Alana said...

You and Ruthie are in God's hands and He has perfect timing! So glad I still get to buy little girl clothes!