Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Swing Saga

Ok, SAGA is kind of a stretch (I just liked how the title sounds)...

You know how deciding each item to put on your baby's registry is the MOST important thing? Even down to which burp cloth do we want? I mean really, is little Ruthie going to care if she has the sunshine burp cloths or the forest burp cloths when she spitting up on them? But, as a new mom-to-be, it is VERY important to me!! So you can imagine how important things like strollers, car seats, and swings are to me as well. I spent a lot of time researching each item for safety and ease of use ratings from experts and parents alike.

Well, Tony and I registered together, and we both really happen to like the Natures Touch Baby Papasan swing. There are several reasons why we choose this swing. First, the part that you put the baby in is a cradle like shape which looks really inviting, soft, warm, and cuddly. When we were imagining what our daughter would want I could totally see her loving this swing. Also, it rocks side to side and back and forth. It has a very developmentally appropriate (that's the teacher in me coming out) mirror for her to look at herself in, and it plays lovely classical music/nature sounds. All of this wonder can be yours for the small price of $140.00!! Yes, that's right. $140.00.

So, when we were looking at what we still needed before our little one joined us on the outside I started to add everything up and quickly thought there must be a better way...

(enter super hero with a cape on his back, can you hear the music?)

That's when my friend was telling me she had been on craigs list and saw 2 of my exact swings. Can you believe it? Now, I'd been on craigs list before, but I hadn't thought about going on and looking for the swing. So I went right home and to my surprise there they were both listed under $60.

The Lord is so good and gracious. He care about all things, even the things that may seem silly to the God of the Universe, King of Kings. He gave me the exact swing I wanted, less than 5 months old, for over 1/2 the price. He is Good. All the Time!!

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