Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Perfect Rug

Some of you may not believe all these stories are true...but they totally are!! As you know each piece of Ruthie's room comes with a story, and her bedding is no different! Really, it's the rug, but read on and you'll understand!

So, my mom's friend works at this store where we purchased her bedding and rug. The employee's get quite a good discount on any item they buy. So, my mom's friend blessed me with purchasing some of the bedding and the rug that was quite expensive. Sounds uneventful, right?

Well, part of my...uhm, her order came in but the rug was missing. We were waiting and waiting (very patiently) but we were wondering why the rug was taking so long. So, the friend inquired about the rug (the perfect rug, the only rug in the whole world that would work in her room...if you get my point) and was told that there were "no more rugs in North America". Apparently they searched every warehouse and store in North America to no avail. That was what was taking so long.

Enter the tears. I know it isn't her fault, and I'm not the least bit mad about the rug. I am completely in the depths of despair because this is obviously the end of the world, and certainly the end of the very perfect nursery that we've worked so hard to put together. The tears keep flowing. They don't stop for some time. My mom, trying to help fix the situation get's online to see if there are any other rug makers out there that would work with the bedding. I keep telling her that it is hopeless because I've already spent hours upon hours looking at internet rug stores for a rug that would work (because the perfect rug was so expensive) and I know that no where is there a rug that will work. Except this perfect rug.

After the tears and the "end of the world" crazy talk subsided a little we got to talking, and I decided I would call this store myself. You see, they still were advertising the rug, they never put it on sale, and it looked like I could purchase one online if I wanted to. Much to my surprise they told me that there were still 344 rugs (perfect rugs) available. We couldn't believe our ears. I did a little dance and jumped for joy (Praise the Lord!).

So, the next day, I went to the store, ordered some additional bedding, and of course, I ordered the Perfect Rug without any problem or snag! And guess what came in the mail today. Oh, what a glorious day it is. Yes, the perfect rug with her bedding!!! I can't wait to put it in her room.

I haven't included any pictures on purpose. The room isn't quite ready yet, but when it is I will blog ton's of pictures and I will most definitely include the perfect rug!! I know you'll agree that it just makes the room!!

You may be asking for the rest of the story...why did the store tell my mom's friend there were no more rugs in North America? Well, we found out later that after (about a week after) she placed my...uhm her, order she also turned in her resignation. We think that my..uhm her order got somehow canceled since she had given her two week notice. I'm hoping that her manager wasn't that spiteful, but we really can't figure out what else it could be!

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Alana said...

Can't wait to see the Ruthie's perfect rug! LOVE the bedding!